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Armen T. Ghazarians

Health and fitness professional Armen T. Ghazarians is a Level 5 personal trainer and boot camp instructor with more than 20 years of experience at Finish Fit ® .

In addition to being named best fitness instructor in Glendale, his company, Finish Fit ® has been named the best Fitness/Health Club in Glendale.

“In high school I was fit and felt great,” Armen explains, telling of his own pursuit of fitness.

“My story changed when I started college. I focused so much on school that I lost sight of my health and fitness. I gained 50 pounds over five years and my cholesterol shot through the roof. I was shocked, so, I hired a personal trainer and put myself on a healthy diet.

“It wasn’t long before my trainer told me that he landed a gig on a TV show.

Understandably, he left to pursue his dreams. The next question for me was: Now what?

“I studied fitness, got certified, and started working as a trainer. Presently, I’ve started my own fitness company: Finish Fit ® ”

“Finish Fit ® is dedicated to all of you who are struggling with your health just as I did. I’m here to help change your life, just as my trainer helped change mine. Will you finish it with Finish Fit®?”

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