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Moe Plumbing

Thank you Glendale residents for recognizing Moe Plumbing as the best plumber in Glendale.

This upcoming year marks our 90th anniversary and we are honored to serve our neighbors for generations, providing quality plumbing, heating and air conditioning service.

Beginning with our founder, Herb Moe, we have four main principles that define our business:

Integrity, quality, punctuality and putting the customer first.

To help us achieve our goal, current President and lifelong Glendale resident Mike Davis has a special formula. It is S=E+1. Our definition of Service is your expectation plus something more. In other words, we have not met our goal unless we have exceeded your expectations.

We believe in supporting the community and have participated in many of the area’s schools, churches, and community programs.

The next time you need a plumbing, heating or air conditioner repair, you can rely on the professionals at Moe Plumbing. We are here to serve you and hope to be your first call whenever there is a plumbing need.

Please visit us at or call 818 240-2040.

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