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Silky Skin

Thank you for voting Silky Skin as The Best of Glendale.

Silky Skin is a unique and FUNtastic place for skin. We offer treatments for all skin types, tones and ethnic backgrounds.

Silky Skin educates clients with factual knowledge to maintain healthy skin at home and realize the importance of professional evaluations and treatments. Silky Skin is committed to the truth about skin.

For example, did you know that pores do not open and close? Or that makeup foundation actually protects your skin from free radical damage? Skin facts, not fiction, is our mission statement!

My name is Elsa McCarthy, owner of Silky Skin, and my passion is to educate women, men and children about the importance of keeping their skin healthy for the benefit of the body and mind.

My philosophy is to not only provide facial treatments, but to follow up and educate. My clients express complete satisfaction with my professional demeanor in the spa room, appointment etiquette and end results.

My previous career in real estate and property management has allowed me to provide outstanding care and customer service to my clients. I hope to see you soon!

To schedule an appointment, please visit or call 818 334-4926.

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