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Chris Cragnotti

As a native of Glendale and raised in the real estate business, it was not a difficult decision in 2006 for Chris Cragnotti to join his mom, Gerri Cragnotti (a leading force in the business since the 1970’s), at her boutique Glendale brokerage, G&C Properties.

After graduating Chapman University with a BFA in Film/Television Production, Chris spent several years at the Walt Disney Studios.

Like most in the film and television business, Chris wanted to have an impact on people, to move them in some way, so when he decided to leave the entertainment industry to pursue a career in real estate sales, he was concerned he was giving up on his chance to be “a man for others,” something his Loyola High School education had ingrained in him.

He quickly found, however, that as a REALTOR® he moves people every day, both literally and figuratively. A home sale or purchase, while a business transaction at its core, is a deeply emotional experience for most and Chris finds that once he gets to root of his clients’ needs he is best able to help them achieve their wants.

His mission is to become not only his clients’ personal advocate, their eyes, ears and voice, but to ensure that his clients are fully informed every step of the way and are genuinely respected and cared for throughout the process.

Chris currently serves as Treasurer for the Glendale Association of REALTORS® and as a commissioner on Glendale’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Chris will always be grateful for his mom’s tireless work over the years building G&C Properties’ respected brand and is humbled and thankful for being named Best Real Estate Agent, 2017 by the Glendale News Press readers.

Chris can be found online at

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