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Silky Skin

Thank you for voting Silky Skin as the Best Body/Facial Shop in Glendale!

I attribute the success of my business to every one of my clients. I love making you feel more confident about your skin. I offer anti-aging and acne treatments that last, and the most affordable, effective skincare products in the beauty industry.

My philosophy is to cradle the skin for long-lasting results. Everyone that comes into Silky Skin receives a full evaluation, a facial (mini-massage included), and a professionally advised skincare treatment plan.

My goal is to give you more healthy, clear and youthful skin.

As a lifelong learner, I’m committed to providing the best skincare in Los Angeles. I offer TAMA Blue Onyx, which reverses the signs of aging, lifts the face and reduces fine lines.

RevitaPen facials drive serums deep into the skin. I offer two professional skincare lines that address all skin types and conditions: Premiere Skincare Collection is exclusive to Silky Skin, and Osmosis Skincare is a unique, complete holistic-medical solution.

With the right esthetician, you’re on your way to more clear, healthy and youthful skin.

Come into Silky Skin for a facial today. Call (818) 334-4926 or visit

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